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Data Protection Compliance

Data protection compliance has never been as important as it is today. The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) came into effect in January 2019, placing statutory responsibilities on organizations that collect, store or process data. 

For the first time, monetary sanctions of up to 2% of gross annual turnover will apply to breaches of the regulation. It also includes additional measures to protect the personal data of Nigeria citizens.

We understand the value of data to your business and the serious implications of a data breach. Our team of consultants, work with businesses to provide insights and solutions on a range of data protection issues and can help you:

  • Apply best practice in achieving and maintaining compliance with Nigeria data protection requirements.
  • Plan and implement measures to align with the regulation.

Our Services include:


Data Protection Impact Assessment Consultation


Data Protection Policy Consultation

Awareness Training

Data Protection Compliance Audit

Outsourced Data Protection Officer


Data Protection, Privacy and Audit Training Program

Program Objectives

  • To expose participants to the Data Protection Audit framework
  • To discuss the statutory and regulatory framework for Data Protection and Privacy in Nigeria
  • To explain the methodology and framework for Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) process
  • To educate participants on the methodology for drafting Data Protection Contracts and Agreements

Information Security Management System, ISO 27001:2013

We offer Information Security Management System Implementation, Audit and Certification in collaboration with our global partners.

Benefits of ISO 27001:2013

  • Reduces business risks
  • Inspires trust in business
  • Helps protect business and adds value

For more information, download the data protection brochure here.


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